A straight forward rebuild of the six cylinder engine on this DB6 was required.

Showing signs of general wear but there was no block porosity at the bass of the liners which often happens.

The pent roofed duel valve DB6 cylinder head in need of a refurb.....

There is a lot of misinformation spoken about what it costs to rebuild one of these engines. To set the record straight they are of a basic engine design and simple to work on. The biggest issue in rebuilding these engines is relating to "block perosity", caused where the dissimilar metals of The Aluminum of the block and the steel of the cylinder liner come into contact causing electrolysis corrosion that at worst will cause a perforation to the cylinder block wall. The engine's basic design is ok and its interesting to note that as standard they run such high oil pressure to over come bearing failure, in truth the Jag engine (same basic design) of the same era is a better engine. Parts for these engines are expensive due to low production numbers.