Our exciting XK150 project after the extensive refinishing processes has now entered the first stage of priming and flatting. More photos to follow.

The XK 150 has now arrived back at the CCCR workshops after its paint stripping process, it is coated in a acid etch primer to prevent an corrosion. The process revealed serveral historic repairs of a poor standard that we have since reworked.

Cotswold TV - XK150 Restoration Part 2 

XK150 Body shell rebuild well under way

Having now replaced/repaired the inner and outer sills, the boot floor and spare wheel well, the B posts, various out riggers and sections of inner and outer wings we are have now turned our attention to the doors, Cutting out the lower half of the door skin and frame, manufacturing new sections and carefully welding them in place whilst making sure there is no panel distortion

We could just purchase new doors but it is always our aim to keep as much of the car original car as possible, to retain its history and identity within its component parts, after all we are restorers not fitters!

Cotswold TV - XK150 Restoration Part 1

Engine build, keeping the car to original 3.4 spec although making it a 3.8 would not cost any more during the rebuild it was important to our customer to keep the car as original as possible.